Southern Illinois Fish

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Common Name Order Family Genus Species

Chestnut Lamprey Agnatha Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon castaneus

Silver Lamprey Agnatha Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon unicuspis

Least Brook Lamprey t Agnatha Petromyzontidae Lampetra aepytera

Pallid Sturgeon e Osteichthyes Acipenseridae Scaphirhynchus alba

Shovelnose Sturgeon Osteichthyes Acipenseridae Scaphirhynchus platorhyncus

Paddlefish Osteichthyes Polyodontidae Polyodon spathula

Spotted Gar Osteichthyes Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus oculatus

Longnose Gar Osteichthyes Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus osseus

Shortnose gar Osteichthyes Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus platostomus

Alligator Gar t Osteichthyes Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus spatula

Bowfin Osteichthyes Amiidae Amia calva

American eel Osteichthyes Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata

Skipjack Herring Osteichthyes Clupeidae Alosa chrysochloris

Gizzard Shad Osteichthyes Clupeidae Dorosoma cepedianum

Threadfin Shad a Osteichthyes Clupeidae Dorosoma petenense

Goldeye Osteichthyes Hiodontidae Hiodon alosoides

Mooneye Osteichthyes Hiodontidae Hiodon tergisus

Brown Trout a Osteichthyes Salmonidae Salmo trutta

Central Mudminnow Osteichthyes Umbridae Umbra limi

Grass Pickerel Osteichthyes Esocidae Esox americanus

Northern Pike Osteichthyes Esocidae Esox lucius

Stoneroller Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Campostoma anomalum

Grass Carp a Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Ctenopharyngodon idella

Common Carp a Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpio

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Ozark Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Dionda nubila

Silverjaw Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Ericymba buccata Western

Silvery Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybognathus argyritis

Cypress Minnow e Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybognathus hayi

Silvery Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybognathus nuchalis

Plains Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybognathus placitus

Speckled Chub Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybopsis aestivalis

Sturgeon Chub Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybopsis gelida

Flathead Chub Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybopsis gracilis

Sicklefin Chub Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybopsis meeki

Silver Chub Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hybopsis storeriana

Silver Carp a Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hypophthalmichthys molotrix

Bighead Carp a Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

Golden Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notemigonus crysoleucas

Rosefin Shiner x Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis ardens

Emerald Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis atherinoides

River Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis blennius

Bigeye Shiner t Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis boops

Ghost Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis buchanani

Striped Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis chrysocephalus

Pugnose Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis emiliae

Ribbon Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis fumeus

Bluehead Shiner e Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis hubbsi

Red Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis lutrensis

Silverband Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis shumardi

Spotfin Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis spilopterus

Sand Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis stramineus

Redfin Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis umbratilis

Blacktail Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis venustus

Mimic Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis volucellus

Steelcolor Shiner Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Notropis whipplei

Suckermouth Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Phenacobius mirabilis

Bluntnose Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Pimephales notatus

Fathead Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Pimephales promelas

Bullhead Minnow Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Pimephales vigilax

Creek Chub Osteichthyes Cyprinidae Semotilus atromaculatus

River Carpsucker Osteichthyes Catostomidae Carpoides carpio

Quillback Osteichthyes Catostomidae Carpoides cyprinus

Highfin Carpsucker Osteichthyes Catostomidae Carpoides velifer

White Sucker Osteichthyes Catostomidae Catostomus commersoni

Creek Chubsucker Osteichthyes Catostomidae Erimyzon oblongus

Northern Hog Sucker Osteichthyes Catostomidae Hypentelium nigricans

Smallmouth Buffalo Osteichthyes Catostomidae Ictiobus bubalus

Bigmouth Buffalo Osteichthyes Catostomidae Ictiobus cyprinellus

Black Buffalo Osteichthyes Catostomidae Ictiobus niger

Spotted Sucker Osteichthyes Catostomidae Minytrema melanops

Black Redhorse Osteichthyes Catostomidae Moxostoma duquesnei

Golden Redhorse Osteichthyes Catostomidae Moxostoma erythrurum

White Catfish a Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Ictalurus catus

Blue Catfish Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Ictalurus furcatus

Black Bullhead Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Ictalurus melas

Yellow Bullhead Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Ictalurus natalis

Brown Bullhead Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Ictalurus nebulosus

Channel Catfish Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Ictalurus punctatus

Slender Madtom Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Noturus exilis

Tadpole Madtom Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Noturus gyrinus

Brindled Madtom Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Noturus miurus

Freckled Madtom Ostei0chthyes Ictaluridae Noturus nocturnus

Flathead Catfish Osteichthyes Ictaluridae Pylodictis olivaris

Spring Cavefish Osteichthyes Amblyopsidae Chologaster agassizi

Pirate Perch Osteichthyes Aphredoderidae Aphredoderus sayanus

Northern Studfish Osteichthyes Cyprinodontidae Fundulus catenatus

Blackstripe Topminnow Osteichthyes Cyprinodontidae Fundulus notatus

Starhead Topminn0ow Osteichthyes Cyprinodontidoae Fundulus dispar

Blackspotted Topminnow Osteichthyes Cyprinodontidae Fundulus olivaceus

Mosquitofish Osteichthyes Poeciliidae Gambusia affinis

Brook Silverside Osteichthyes Atherinidae Labidesthes sicculus

Striped Mullet Osteichthyes Mugilidae Mugil cephalus

White Bass Osteichthyes Moronidae Morone chrysops

Yellow Bass Osteichthyes Moronidae Morone mississippiensis

Striped Bass Osteichthyes Moronidae Morone saxatilis

Rock Bass Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Ambloplites rupestris

Flier Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Centrarchus macropterus

Banded Pygmy Sunfish Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Elassoma zonatum

Green Sunfish Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis cyanellus

Warmouth Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis gulosa

Orangespotted Sunfish Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis humilis

Bluegill Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis macrochiris Central

Longear Sunfish Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis megalotis megalotis

Redear Sunfish Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis microlophus

Spotted Sunfish t Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis puntatus miniatus

Bantam Sunfish t Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Lepomis symmetricus

Smallmouth Bass Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Micropterus dolomieui

Spotted Bass Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Micropterus punctulatus

Largemouth Bass Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoides

White Crappie Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Pomoxis annularis

Black Crappie Osteichthyes Centrarchidae Pomoxis nigromaculatus

Mud Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma asprigene

Rainbow Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma caeruleum

Bluntnose darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma Chlorosomum

Fantail Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma flabellare

Slough Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma gracile

Stripetail Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma kennicotti

Johnny Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma nigrum

Cypress Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma proeliare

Orangethroat Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma spectabile

Spottail Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Etheostoma squamiceps

Logperch Osteichthyes Percidae Percina caprodes

Blackside Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Percina maculata

Slenderhead Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Percina phoxocephala

River Darter Osteichthyes Percidae Percina shumardi

Sauger Osteichthyes Percidae Stizostedion canadense

Walleye Osteichthyes Percidae Stizostedion vitreum

Freshwater Drum Osteichthyes Sciaenidae Aplodinotus grunniens

Banded Sculpin Osteichthyes Cottidae Cottus carolinae

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