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Enjoy Southern Illinois...... but remember!

Long before humans perceived our natural world as a playground we correctly perceived nature as our source of physical life. This pragmatic perception fostered great respect for and understanding of the need to care for the life sustaining earth beneath one's feet. Absent this human perception of our natural world planet earth becomes, to many, a mere playground, an opportunity to exploit, a foe to be conquered.  

Accepted or not, our natural world is still our source of physical life.

The "Wisest Use" of our natural world is to limit our use of it to that necessary for survival. 

In the beginning mankind consumed little more than that necessary to survive.

Post Eden, if you will, we began to seek opulence and outright greed. These desires became an ever intensifying mindset as appreciation for and understanding of the essential role nature plays in our survival waned.

Desiring to “fluff” our nest is not necessarily an evil desire. Insects, birds, and rodents instinctively do the same. The human animal shares these instincts.

Some, who share my belief that humans are something more than animal, agree that our intelligence is accompanied with the responsibility to be good stewards of all we have.

Others prefer to fluff their domestic nests, financial portfolio, personal pleasure or whatever nest(s) they choose, regardless of how destructive their pursuit is to the environment.

Biologically speaking, this was not a major problem until human population began to grow exponentially.

Compounding the problems facing our natural world, the human intelligence "bloom" created a technology of "BIG."

As humankind's "bigger is better" mind set spread throughout the world, ecosystems began to fall, first in overpopulated regions, then among industrialized nations and now in so-called third world countries.

Our planet's environmental condition has deteriorated so quickly, in fact, even some otherwise uncaring folks are beginning to take notice.

As bulldozer brakes squeal a raspy halt to rain forest destruction and parking lot construction, we will do well to help create a "less is more" based mindset and global economy.

We may or may not suffer the consequences of today's exploitation of our natural world. Our flesh, blood, and spiritual descendants will.

Now enjoy...... but more importantly respect, appreciate, and preserve Southern Illinois' wild and natural areas and the life giving resources they offer.

Illegal eroded trail destroying a colony of Endangered Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga rubifolia): Lusk Creek Wilderness and North Zoological Area